Castle Crowns: Fashionable Headcovers and Scarves That Let You Get Up and Go.

Now women of all ages and lifestyles have a way to look good and feel good even when their hair is not cooperating.

Castle Crowns are head scarves with hair sewn into the scarf. They are easy to wear, cool and comfortable. Look great all the time!

These tying scarves are similar to a bandana. Many women and children with alopecia or cancer patients suffering from hairloss or thinning hair look for products that make their lives easier.

Castle Crowns replaces hats, turbans, baseball caps and other headcovers if you are having a bad hair day. Don’t wear your expensive wigs and extensions to the gym or while running errands. Try our alternative to wigs instead.

Take a look at our website and videos to see how easy and stylish Castle Crowns are to wear.

Proudly cut, sewn and assembled in the USA.